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Patrick McGoohan

The Prisoner

Patrick McGoohan who passed away on January 13th 2009 at the age of 80, starred in two of the most memorable British television series of the 1960s; Dangerman and The Prisoner.

29th September 1967 saw the first episode of "The Prisoner" a new and very individual production. The opening sequence of the first episode showed a Lotus Seven Series Two in green livery with a yellow nose and the registration KAR120C being driven through London.

The plot centred around a retired secret agent, played by McGoohan, who is put to sleep and abducted, only to wake up in a surreal place called "The Village" where a holiday camp atmosphere exists but nothing is as it seems, everyone is known by a number and there is no escape. Pretty Portmeirion, designed by William Clough-Ellis, with its scaled down buildings, is the setting for "The Village". Successive episodes consist of various escape attempts by McGoohan, known as ‘Number Six’ whilst his captors are trying to extract secrets from him.

In all 26 episodes were planned but sadly the series came to a hurried end after just 17. From the Lotus Seven aspect episode 13 titled "Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling" has the most in it including a drive to Austria in search of a scientist whilst being followed by another secret agent in a Lotus Cortina.

            Patrick McGoohan and Graham Nearn in the 1960s.

The immediate effect of the TV series on Lotus Seven sales is uncertain, but there must have been some. However the overall effect over the years is much more pronounced as there are still many older owners of both Lotus and Caterham Sevens whose interest in the Seven was sparked by The Prisoner.

McGoohan acted in several productions on stage and for film and television until the mid-1990s winning two Emmys for walk-on parts in "Columbo". New versions of "The Prisoner" were often rumoured, but none came to anything, and McGoohan never returned to Portmeirion. He was, however, fond of repeating his memorable catchphrase from the show: "Be seeing you."



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